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Name: Lucifer
Full Name: Lucifer Morningstar
Nicknames: Devil, Satan, Serpent, The Light Bringer,
Luci, The Dark Prince, The Abomination, Dark Lord,
The Angel Of Light, Dog, Puppy,
Marmaduke and Beelzebub
Age: unknown
Date Of Birth: unknown
Birth Place: heaven
Sex/gender: current vessel is male
Pronouns: any pronouns work
Sexuality / Sexual Orientation: homosexual
Height: 6'1 (1.854 m) (185.42 cm)
Weight: 150lbs (~68 kg)
Body Type / Build: average
Hair Colour: dirty blonde
Hair Type: short and messy
Eye Colour: blue
Skin Tone: fair
Facial Hair: stubble
Nationality: n/a
Language: all (however he speaks Latin and English more)
Religion: Satinism
Talents: manipulating, deal making, threatening, creating discord
Bad Habits: being a total annoying angel
Fears / Phobias: Ophidiophobia
Statues: Fallen Angel
Personality: Natrually being casted out of heaven enraged Lucifer and he
was struck back by tempting and twisting the soul of Adam's first wife, Lilith.
Turning her soul to being the first demon, Lucifer was further punished by being
placed into an additional solitary imprisonment. Lucifer claims that he never lies,
or even tricks. Lucifer is largely manipulative and has been proven to mislead on
occasion, suggesting this was more of a ploy to gain trust, rather than an actual
commitment and he will bend this rule when it's to his advantage. Gabriel
has described Lucifer's banishment to be the consequence of "the biggest tantrum
ever". Lucifer is highly cruel and barbaric to those who get in his way and despite
his claim to being the victim he has no qualms about killing anyone who angers him,
even if he has no real reason for killing them. However, Lucifer does have a sense
of humor equivalent to Gabriel and Balthazar, rare in many angels. He can be
sarcastic and casually indifferent, usually a testament to his arrogance. Lucifer has
proven to have a comical side, going so far as to dance during a fight with his enemies.
Family:God (father/creator)
Amara (aunt)
Micheal (older brother)
Raphael (younger brother)
Gabriel (younger brother)
Castiel (younger brother)
Kelly Kline (former lover)
Jack (son)
History: The war with The Darkness came along, they couldn't defeat her but
were able to bind her. Giving the mark of Cain to Lucifer, the strongest and most
trustworthy angel to lock her up and keep The Darkness bound. Michael personally
raised Lucifer and Lucifer returned the favor by raising Gabriel showing him all his
tricks. Following the creation of mankind, God asked all of his children to kneel before
them. All his children agreed, but Lucifer refused> He led a rebellion to overthrow
God as the Mark of Cain has corrupted his mind after becoming jealous of mankind.
Jealous of the love his father showed them. Michael, on God's behalf, banished his
younger sibling from Heaven to Earth. Lucifer further manipulated God's creation by
turning the first created woman, Lilith (Adam's first wife) into the first demon. He was
punished once more and was imprisoned in Hell in solitary confinement. Gabriel left
Heaven to forget what happened. However, Raphael had chosen the side of his father
and Michael.
Crush: Lucifer has a well known fondess for Sam Winchester
status: currently single
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