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Tord/Red Leader || Eddsworld LmsCr2C

Face claim: Jamie Spicer Lewis

Note: I'm not sorry for the picture I've used.

Codename: Red Leader

Full Name: Tord Larsson

Age: twenty-nine

Date of Birth: thirty-first of August

Sex: male

Gender/Pronouns: he/him

Sexuality: pansexual, panromantic

Hair colour: brown

Eye colour: left eye is silver, right is red

Language: English and Norwegian

Fears: rejection, falling in love, water (can't swim), losing his pilots and friends, Tom actually hating him, people fearing him (aka Paul, Patryck, Matt, Edd and Tom)

Occupation: Red Army

Rank: Daddy- I mean, Leader.

Strengths: brave, protective, strict/commanding

Weaknesses: emotional, unstable, doesn't be himself

Personality: protective, emotional, grumpy, strict, caring towards people he likes/cares about, tries to be kind

Family: unnamed abusive parents // Paul and Patryck pretty much adopted him I guess

History: WIP

Crush: unfortunately he's crushing on Tom and Damian (friend's OC)

Status: alive, single

Kinks: daddy kink, hair pulling, phone sex, pinned against wall, teasing/being teased, foreplay

Theme Song: I Am Not A Robot || Marina and the Diamonds

Dom or Sub?: switch

Note: Histories will probably stay WIP's until I feel motivated tbh xD

Tord/Red Leader || Eddsworld 17586909_1404552612967134_4051203888789848064_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTQ4MDkzMzU5NTY2NDk2MjcyMQ%3D%3D.2

I do not own the art.


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