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Post by Edward Nygma on Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:51 pm

There are rules that are provided not to limit you; but to make the game more fun, realistic and unpredictable. They are much like rules of a board-game. It's not a game without them.

1. The Moderators

The moderators are the ones who keep surveillance on all the rooms and all the players. The moderators can never show their faces or make the identities known; but they can intervene. When a character appears to ignore direct commands or challenges for too long, they can punish the contestant. When they follow the rules, they can reward them. Anything is possible. And ANYONE can take up the role of a moderator and play tricks on each other. Note: You may never let Moderator actions influence your OWN character. They must always be directed to ANOTHER character. This keeps the game unpredictable and interactive.

NOTE: You can only pull ONE moderator action a day! Spend it wisely.

2. The Locations

There are rules to some locations; specifically the neutral zones (The Pub and The Living Room). You can find those rules in the forum description. Now you CAN let your character break these rules. But there will be severe consequences for your character.

3. Character Deaths

Oh no! Your character got killed by someone on another team! Fret not, you're still allowed to play. When your character dies, it will automatically be sent to 'The Mortuary.' Only dead characters can go there; the living can not. Characters who are dead are not allowed to leave the room for ONE hour and will be in constant pain while being there. The more often your character dies; the more it'll hurt. After the hour is up; your character is allowed to leave again. If there are other people in the mortuary when your character is too; you are allowed to interact with them.

4. Posting Order

We have a strict posting order. Wait your turn. For example; let's say there is three other people in the location you are in. You need to wait until all three the characters have replied before you can post again. Don't go ahead of your turn; because people who are absent at the moment or slower will be left out, and we don't want that. If you get really bored waiting, you can simply let your character leave the room.

5. Minimum of Posts

There's a minimum of three posts a week. We get people are busy sometimes and can't be bothered to reply sometimes. But three posts a week shouldn't be too much too quickly. And even if you don't manage to do three posts in a week, it's not a disaster. If you fail to write three posts in seven days, your character will die by default and sent to the mortuary. It'll be there until you return. After that you can just join in again.


Let your imagination roam free. Anything is allowed here as long as you don't break the game or be hurtful to anyone. In fact, creative input can lift this game to a higher level.
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