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Post by Edward Nygma on Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:39 pm

It's dark. Pitch-black. You're out cold, but you're starting to come back to consciousness. The first thing you hear is a low, steady hum.. Like a ventilation machine or electric wiring. As soon as you open your eyes; you find your in a different place than you're supposed to be. It looks clean, white and futuristic.

There's something around your neck.. And it's glowing in a specific color. It appears to be a collar. And no matter how hard you tug on it; it doesn't seem to be coming of. When you get up and walk to the window; you are met with the sight of space; beautiful, elegant, mysterious ... dangerous.

Then there's a loud, ear-deafening peep filling the space around you, followed by the crackling noise of an an intercom. A deep, warped voice begins to speak.

'Dear contestants,

Welcome to ‘The Lazarus Game.’ We are The Moderators and you have been chosen to compete. You are free to roam the space ship; you’ll find there is no way out. And even if you do find a way you will die instantly in space.

You have been divided in teams , determined by the colors of your collar. The number of teams and contestants can change at any minute. You will be faced with multiple challenges, involving murder, mayhem and survival. You will be constantly battling the other teams.

Let the Lazarus Games begin!

With another crackle of the intercom the noise stops; leaving only silence..


Several characters have woken up on a space-ship; they've got collars on in different colors. If people have the same color they belong to the same team.

A moderator tells them they need to kill the other teams. If they refuse to do so there will be consequences, for example they could cut off food supplies; or inject a character with a disease or toxin, or create fires (sort of like Hunger Games) The moderators can also change the colors of the collars at any given time. Anything is possible.

Now if everyone dies immediately the game will be over very quickly. So the moderators have found a way to bring people back from the dead. But it's an extremely painful process.. More painful perhaps, then real death.

If the contestants  want this hell to end they'll need to find a way to work together and overthrow the moderators but it's going to be difficult. The moderators never show their faces, they might not even be at the space stations themselves.
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